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CrossFit can help any sports person do what they do better, the reason is simple, when you do CrossFit you train the whole body and you leave nothing out, by training all muscles you leave no stones unturned and this is why if you want to increase your fitness level you should consider calling CrossFit. Often people only train one part of the body when they do this they weaken other parts of the body, by training everywhere you get a balance of strength. Keep in mind the Governments support fitness.

Once you find out what time frame and rest period suites your body you’ll find that your body will adjust and you’ll know what is best for you.

We invite everyone to Call CrossFit and give it a try and see if is for you, a word of advice and is do not give up easily, nothing good is easy, and always keep in mind any good sports person had to work hard to get where they are today. You do not have to have the goal of a paid professional sportsperson, but what you can do is work on just being at your best for yourself, if you can do this you will notice a big improvement in your performance.

Jumping, sprinting, climbing, tightening weights – and in no breaking time with as few pauses as possible: no wonder CrossFit is considered one of the hardest sports ever. Look says how to remove in this workout and why caution is required. One of the things you can do is monitor your fitness with the Google app, Google Fit which will help you to keep track of your body, the Google app has many features which can assist any person who likes fitness sports.

Some of the reasons that you should call Crossfit is because you’ve been idle for many years and your body needs to be fine-tuned, this is where calling Crossfit London can help you. You need to dig deep into your to-do list, and you need to make getting healthy be one of them. This can easily be accomplished if you take a little time and make the effort to visit a good gym such as CrossFitLondon. Once you begin training after a short period of time you’ll be thanking your trainers and wishing you had taken up CrossFit earlier, however, it is better now than never).

Over the many years that we’ve been training we’ve had so many different people walk in and decided it is their time to start training and in each case, all those students were grateful that they started training. They began to find things like running for a bus, or a train did not impact them leaving them short for breath, in fact, in many cases, the reports we have had showed they were able to run for the bus or train effortlessly. Had they not increased their levels of fitness as well as become stronger, this report would have not been possible for them.

CrossFit training usually takes an hour. Already the warm-up phase is intense, after which skill training with power exercises and a ten to twenty-minute high-intensity training. The latter depends on the daily changing “Workout of the Day” (WOD), which is announced by the instructor shortly before the start of the training and defines which exercises are completed. The aim is to complete the highest possible number of rounds in a given period or to master a certain number of rounds in as little time as possible. It can be both maximum power exercises with aids as well as interval challenges. Before the training is over, the pulse can shut down again at a stretching phase.

Fact that the participants are always considered on time and repetitious, Crossfit receives a competitive character. Nonetheless, a good group feeling is the focus of the fitness philosophy: athletes never exercise only for themselves, but spur against each other. Some of the exercises are even carried out for two so that the participants can control the attitude and execution of their colleagues.
For whom is Crossfit?

Crossfit promotes that everyone can board – regardless of age, weight and fitness level. Before the actual entry into training, most providers have a mandatory introductory course, in which the fitness level is clarified in personal advice. After that, all participants draw on the same strand. The only difference is the intensity with which they perform the exercises. Whether someone creates two or five repetitions in the given time, does not matter. The main thing, the exercises are executed exactly and on their own performance limit.

Since the workout is highly intensive, many calories are consumed during a workout. If you are overweight, you should well think about whether Crossfit is the right sport for you. For a strong overweight, joint-friendly sports such as walking, swimming or Velo driving are certainly better – at least for the (re-) entry. If you have already lost a few kilos and feel enough fit, of course, can still approach Crossfit. Then, however, detailed consultation and careful execution of the exercises are all the more important. Do not be stressed from the drill of the instructor and keep your own pace, even if other participants are faster.
High-intensive training: How to find your stress limit!

In short, intense and effective – these are the principles of high-intensive training as HIIT. The training model assumes that steps in muscle building, endurance and fat burning is best achieved by the body out of its own limit.
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Criticism of Crossfit

Despite the big hypes, there are some critical points that are highlighted mainly by sports scientists.

The danger of injury: There are great time pressure and growing effort in the training, there is a risk of doing the exercises no longer clean after a certain time. If this is not recognized by the instructor, it can lead to long-lasting damage.

People from all walks of life have given us a try and in each case, they had nothing but praise to give us, it’s not because we asked them to say this, it is down to the time and effort we put into training people, and how we go about seeing that they learn what we are teaching them. This is not something that has come to us overnight, it is a technique we work on every day and the reason is we want people to acknowledge our skills and we want them to feel comfortable with our coaches. So far the method which is used to encourage more and more students to come and join us seems to be working so we feel confident with our approach in teaching people CrossFit.

We support the Governments Exercise NHS

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